The Yellow Dog Tavern & Eatery


"Where neighbors and visitors never meet a 'stranger'......."


Thank you for being our guest at the Historic Yellow Dog. We are glad you are here. This historic and character-filled old building was built around the time the community of Versailles was founded - 1818. It's storied past has witnessed first-hand the many significant events that have occurred over the last almost 200 years: Horse & buggy days - hitching posts and all, the civil war, General John Morgan's local on-the-square raid, the coming of electricity including Billy Smith's Versailles-based electric light generation, the 'Hanging Tree', and every one (well over 100) Versailles Pumpkin Shows. The 'eyes' and 'ears' of this building with a personality saw and heard the coming of the of the first automobiles, the construction of the Tyson Temple, the building of the local library, and the Versailles School - all made possible by "Uncle' Jim Tyson's generosity. The 'Tyson' buildings all have an identical exterior brick style and are much admired by all when they visit the town's Tyson Historical District (two blocks west).

Untold numbers of citizens over the generations have frequented The Yellow Dog building location at the corner of Main and Tyson on the historic courthouse square in Uptown Versailles, Indiana. Speaking of citizens, the local area is blessed with many wonderful, caring people who appreciate history and their town's heritage. The quaint, quiet, peaceful, picturesque community we call home is indeed a special place.

Thank you for choosing The Yellow Dog. We trust you will enjoy your visit and that you will feel the passion for what we are about in your dining experience. Please come again...! We look forward to seeing you often.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch,

 Your Yellow Dog Restaurant Team


A few fun, historical facts about the building:

Built circa 1820 - two years after the town was founded

Built long before the days of modern utilities. Wood-mold bricks were used - locally made by hand! Support walls are over 12" thick with 10' Ceilings. Two stories, approximately 5,000 sq ft.

Always served as a hotel and tavern (rest stop) for travelers and local folks alike

Originally had 10 boarding rooms