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Scam Alert: Home Improvement Scam


Ripley County Sheriff, Jeff Cumberworth is requesting citizens be aware of a home improvement scam occurring in Ripley County with links to Grant County, Indiana.  In the early weeks of August, The Ripley County Sheriff's Office began an investigation into a complaint of home improvement fraud in central Ripley County where a male approached a home owner offering to paint buildings on his property.  Once the male received payment prior to completion of the job, the male left, never to return.  As a result of an investigation, 56 year old James L. Mosley, of northern Indiana was identified as the suspect.  Mosley has ties to similar scams in which warrants for his arrest have been issued in Grant County, Indiana.  Anyone with information regarding Mr. Mosley's whereabouts is requested to contact Crime Stoppers at 765-662-TIPS (8477). 


Sheriff Cumberworth is urging citizens to be aware of the scam and when seeking a contractor, be cautious, taking into consideration the contractor's credentials and location. Paying for services before completion of the job is not recommended.



Many citizens are receiving calls and messages from someone claiming to be with the IRS. Some calls are automated recordings. The caller states that you owe taxes and wants you to send money or be sued or arrested. Sheriff Cumberworth advises citizens to disregard the calls. Do not send money and do not give the caller any personal information. If you are unsure if the caller is legitimate, please call the Indiana Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service to verify.


The Sheriff's Office has received a report of a scam where a man has posed as a Comcast employee. The man was threatening to disconnect service unless he was paid. The scammer is described as late 30's to early 40's, 6 ft., short sandy blonde hair, average build, wearing blue jeans and a black polo shirt with a red Comcast logo. The man left the business after he was denied payment. The business contacted Comcast and was told they had not sent anyone to disconnect service. Residents are advised to contact Comcast to verify the disconnect notice.



The Ripley County Sheriff's Office recently purchased a 2016 Ford F-150 truck. The truck will be driven by Jail Administrator Bob Curl and be used for the road crew which will eliminate the need for the county highway to pick up the collected trash. It will also be used for hauling maintenance equipment for the jail and as an added four wheel drive in inclement winter weather. Sheriff Jeff Cumberworth says "The new truck will be a multi-functional tool for our department and an asset to the fleet."


The Ripley County Sheriff's Office has received calls regarding a recent scam in which the caller ID shows the telephone number for the Sheriff's Office and the caller identifies themselves as a deputy. The scammer is telling residents that the call is regarding the IRS. Sheriff Cumberworth advises residents to use caution when speaking to these individuals and never give them any personal information, bank information or send them money.


The Ripley County Sheriff’s Department has recently subscribed to LeadsOnline, which is a Nationwide database of Pawn/Scrap transactions. This system has played a large role in solving multiple crimes that have occurred in Ripley County in the short time since the Sheriff’s Department started using it. A feature of this database is available to the citizens of Ripley County, called “ReportIt”. This feature is a Safe, Secure, and FREE site where residents can create a list of their valuables, including item descriptions, photographs of the items, scanned receipts, and most importantly the serial numbers of their valuables.

In the event that you are ever the victim of a crime and your property is taken, you can provide the descriptions and serial numbers of the items to Law Enforcement. Having the serial numbers for your valuables and providing those to Law Enforcement significantly increases the chances of your property being recovered, as well as the suspect being identified and held accountable for their actions. For more information please visit the website at



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