Ripley County Sheriff’s Office ACTIVITY Report for 2012


Thomas J. Grills, Sheriff



Criminal Investigations:


The Ripley County Sheriff’s Office reported 550 criminal cases during 2012,  down 31 from 2011.


A short breakdown is as follows:

§  Alcohol related offenses-57

§  Drug related offenses-42

§  Misdemeanor/Felony traffic offenses- 95

§  Juvenile Related Offenses- 17

§  Domestic related offenses- 90

§  Misc. Crimes against persons/ property- 346


Out of the 550 criminal cases received, 309 were either closed or resulted in arrest and 241 cases remain open, under investigation.  That is about a 56% closure rating.  The most frequent charge for 2012 was theft.  That is unchanged from 2011.


There were 570 cases filed through the courts for all law enforcement agencies in the county, up 5 from last year.  The Sheriff’s Office ranked first with 181.  The Indiana State Police was next with 112 and Batesville PD was third with 80.


Motor Vehicle Crashes:


Deputies investigated a total of 450 motor vehicle accidents. There were 371 property damage accidents, 76 personal injury accidents with 118 people being injured and 3 fatalities. The most frequent cause of accidents was animal in the roadway, primarily deer.


Civil Process Service:


2,941 civil process papers were served in 2012.  Civil process includes subpoenas, summons, notification of sheriff’s sales, eviction notices, small claims actions, complaints and tax warrants.  Some of the decrease can be attributed to laws requiring the postings of Sheriff’s Sales.   Postings in the townships were removed from the law because of increased Internet activity. A total of 293 warrants were served, an increase of 5.  There were 210 firearm permits applied for or renewed through the Sheriff’s Office, a decrease of 5 overall despite the current governmental issues.


Reserve Deputies:


Ripley County Reserve Officers worked over 1576 hours during 2012.  That is about 131 hours extra per month.  That is almost another full time road deputy.  Reserve officers served 272 civil process notices and one warrant.


Ripley County Jail:


There were 733 prisoners booked into the facility with the most frequent charge being Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated. 


Population Statistics :


·       The total number of inmate beds is 102 - 86 male and 16 female. The total does not include 20 Work Release beds, a temporary holding cell, a medical cell or the drunk tank.

·       Total processed into the facility – 733

·       Average Daily Inmate Population - 74.50

·       Average Daily Males – 47.14

·       Average Daily Females – 11.30

·       Average Daily DOC Male Inmates – 9.57

·       Average Daily DOC Females - .64

·       Average Daily Other County Inmates – 2.21

·       Average Daily Work Release Inmates – .17

·       Average Daily HIC/CTP Inmates – 3.61

·       Total Jail and In-custody Deaths – 0

·       Total number of Juveniles incarcerated – 4

            (juveniles were booked via waiver or direct file)

·       Total Number of Escapes – 0




The following is a list of the top (10) ten identified types of book-ins/offenses at the Ripley County Jail for the year 2012.


1.        Operating While Intoxicated – 162

2.        Battery and Domestic Battery – 89

3.        Theft – 74

4.        Possession of Marijuana – 69

5.        Possession of Cocaine/Narcotic/Controlled Substance – 67

6.        Check Deception/Fraud – 65

7.        Public Intoxication – 48

8.        Possession of Paraphernalia – 43

9.        Dealing Cocaine/Narcotic/Controlled Substance - 40

10.     Driving While Suspended – 39

11.    Illegal Consumption/Possession of Alcohol – 27



Major Incidents


A total of 126 Incidents were documented by the Ripley County Jail Staff which included: Inmate fights, destruction of jail property, trafficking, disrespecting jail staff, contraband found during shakedowns, failure to obey rules, and critical medical incidents.





The Jail Staff is at fourteen (14) Officers including the Jail Commander. Jail Staff completes all mandatory training for the year including: Adult CPR, Basic First Aid, Recognition of Medical/Mental Emergencies, Procedures for Medication Administration, Precautions for Communicable Diseases, Acute Chronic Illness, Taser, Firearms (where applicable) and ILEA Basic Jail Officer Course (where applicable) 




The total billed to other facilities for housing was $131,320.00.  That was a considerable decrease to years past.  The Indiana Dept of Correction adjusting their housing participation is the primary reason.


Ripley County Deputies and Jail Officers traveled a total of 35,383 miles transporting prisoners to court appointments, extraditions, and doctor’s and dentist appointments. 


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