Ripley County Sheriff’s Office Report for 2009


Thomas J. Grills, Sheriff


A report generated by the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office, gives a summary of activity for 2009.




The Ripley County Sheriff’s Office received 553 criminal cases during 2009, an increase of 21 cases.


A short breakdown is as follows:


§         Alcohol related offenses- 115

§         Drug related offenses-22                

§         Misdemeanor/Felony traffic offenses- 39

§         Domestic related offenses- 85

§         Crimes against persons/ property- 308


Out of the 553 criminal cases received, 300 were either closed or resulted in arrest and 253 cases remain open, or under investigation.  The most frequent charge for 2009 was theft.  The next highest was criminal mischief.




Deputies investigated a total of 430 motor vehicle accidents. That was a decrease of 11 from 2008.  There were 344 property damage accidents, 83 personal injury accidents with 122 people being injured, and 3 fatal crashes with 3 fatalities.  The highest primary cause for a crash was an animal or object in the roadway, most commonly deer.




3,421 civil process papers were served during 2009.  Civil Process increased by 217 items.  Civil Process includes subpoenas, summons, and notifications of Sheriff’s Sales, eviction notices, small claim actions, complaints and tax warrants.  A total of 304 warrants were served; a decrease of 86. 


There were 338 firearm permits applied for, or renewed through, the Sheriff’s Office in 2009.





Ripley County Reserve Officers worked 4,383.75 hours during 2009.  That is an average of 365.3 hours a month.  Reserve officers served 825 civil process notices, and 45 warrants. They also worked 45 accidents and investigated 42 cases traveling 43,181 miles around the county to serve the community on their own time.





There were 1,009 prisoners booked into the facility with the most frequent charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  An average of 99.69 inmates were incarcerated on a daily basis, while an average of 2.68 prisoners per day were sentenced to home incarceration, and average of 3.34 were sentenced to work release. The total amount of revenue generated and collected for inmate housing in 2009 was $908,737.72.  The cost of meals produced revenue to the county of $66,888.14, an average of $1.22 per meal.

Ripley County Deputies and Jail Officers traveled a total of 40,893 miles transporting prisoners to court appointments, doctor’s and dentist appointments, and extraditions. 




The Sheriff’s Office collected $2,374.36 from Tax Warrants.  Sheriff’s Sales produced $4,950.00, and another $23,231.34 was collected in miscellaneous forms, i.e. prisoner transports, civil process, inmate medical, social security, etc.  All these monies are deposited back the county general.


The total amount of revenue received, which is deposited into County General, came to the sum of $1,008,268.99 for 2009.




 The Home Incarceration and Work Release program generated $46,701.38, a decrease of $26,464.92, in revenue, which is used to supplement the Sheriff’s Office and Jail budgets.  This money creates a significant buffer to the County’s budget for operational costs for the Sheriff’s Office and Jail.  Office equipment, vehicles, and training, to name a few, are paid for out of these programs instead of taxpayer’s dollars.


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