A protective order is an order issued by a judge that prohibits or restricts another person from engaging in certain conduct.

In order to qualify for an order of protection, the abuser must be someone:

A judge is allowed to give you an order of protection when your abuser has:

If you are 18 years or older, you can get an order for protection on your own without a parent or guardian's permission.  If you are under 18, you will need a parent, guardian or another representative to file for you.


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What is a protective order? 


How do I get a protective order?


What can I ask for in a Protective Order?

Is there a fee for obtaining a protective order?  

Can I obtain a protective order from any court in Indiana?  

What should I do with the protective order after I obtain it? 

What should I do if the abuser violates the protective order? 

What happens if I invite the abuser to my home while the protective order is in effect? 

What should I do if I move to or visit another county or state? 

How can I keep my new address secret? 

What is an ex parte protective order? 

What is a protective order hearing? 

How do I prepare for a Protective Order Hearing?  

When you as a victim will be notified


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