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On July 1, 2012, the Ripley County Health Department had to discontinue administering immunizations provided by the Indiana State Department of Health to children of the county that had insurance.

However, Ripley County Health Department has implemented a Medical Billing program and  is excited to now offer childhood immunizations and TB test to not only the uninsured, but to Medicaid, Anthem, and Sagamore/Encore card holders through age 18.

We are still in the credentialing process for other insurance providers and will offer immunizations and TB test as soon as we are approved by these providers.

Immunizations are available by appointment only.  Insurance  card and identification must be presented  at time of  vaccination.

Please call 812-689-0506 for an appointment!


Last year's vaccine prevented the equivalent of a full NFL stadium from flu-related hospitalizations.  So far this flu season Indiana has had 3 reported Flu related deaths. Itís not too late to get vaccinated!

Contact the Ripley County Health Dept. today to Schedule your appointment at 812-689-0508

Children's Flu Vaccine: Free
Adult Flu Vaccine: $10.00 is appreciated



Indiana's statewide smoke-free air law begins July 1, 2012 and every county in Indiana will be covered by a smoke-free air law. More Hoosiers will be protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Nearly all public places in the state, including restaurants and other workplaces, will be smoke-free. Visit to help understand the new law. - Quit smoking today! We can help!


Indiana's new smoke-free air policies




The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) maintains an Immunization Information System known as CHIRP (Children and Hoosierís Immunization Registry Program). The purpose of CHIRP is to collect, forecast, manage, and share vaccine data to registered medical providers in Indiana. A provider may include private medical facilities, local health departments, hospitals, schools, and pharmacies. The program is run under the Indiana Code 16-38-5 which allows for providers and their designees to access data from CHIRP. In addition an individual also may access their personal or their dependents vaccine record from either the registered CHIRP provider or directly from the Indiana State Department of Health


In recent years, public health agencies across the country have been overwhelmed by complaints about bed bugs.

The Ripley County Health Department works closely with the Indiana State Department of Health Epidemiology Center.

Although, bed bug bites can cause considerable discomfort and loss of sleep, bed bugs do not transmit disease, therefore, there are currently no regulations or resources available to  assist with control of bed bug infestations.

Quick Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not transmit disease after feeding on multiple hosts.

Bed bugs are spread through the acquisition of infested second-hand furniture or by hitch-hiking on items.

Bed Bugs can be found even in very clean environments.

There are other bugs that look like bed bugs.  Before treating an infestation, it is very important to correctly identify that bug.

Insect repellents are not effective against bed bugs.

Bed bugs feed at night.  No one is at school during the night.  Hitchhikers may be possible but infestation is not likely.  For more information

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