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Ripley County Emergency Management Agency Mission Statement

The Ripley County Emergency Management's mission is to fulfill the four phases of emergency management.

1. Mitigation - prevent any disaster before it happens.

2. Preparedness - training and education to be ready for the disaster when it occurs.

3. Response - to respond on scene and provide services to local agencies and coordination with state and federal departments.

4. Recovery - to return a community or the affected area back to normal after a disaster.

Some of these actions are accomplished by getting information out to the public; by way of educational materials, presentations to organized groups, social clubs, and press releases.  To educate the public regarding, whom to contact; what to do before, during and after; and where to go for assistance.  Assist the public to be self prepared to minimize the impact caused by emergencies.

Ripley County Emergency Management (RCEMA) provides coordination of resources during disasters, as well as providing information on disaster preparedness.  Each year RCEMA responds to numerous small incidents.  These include transportation accidents, hazardous material incidents, weather events, and others.  RCEMA also responds to any major event that might impact Ripley County.

The Ripley County Emergency Management Agency is authorized by Indiana Statute Title 10.  The purpose of the agency is to provide coordination of resources, and decision making during disasters.

The Ripley County Emergency Management Agency operates under the authority of the Ripley County Board of County Commissioners, who appoints the Director, and is  a branch of county government.


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