view the duties of a County Council Member          


Juanita (Dee Dee) Kaiser

418 Pleasant View Lane

Batesville, IN  47006




Bill Dramann

347 S Park Avenue

Batesville, IN  47006




Bill McDonald

5756 W Fairground Rd

Osgood, IN  47037


Donald Dunbar, Vice President

829 E Beech Street

P.O. Box 122

Osgood, IN  47037



Edward L. Armbrecht

1784 E County Rd 800 S

Versailles, IN  47042




Bill Warren

645 Columbia Avenue

Osgood, IN  47037



2011 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Commissioner's meeting room located in  the Annex Building

Wednesday, January 19

Wednesday, February 23
Monday, March 21
Monday, April 18
Monday, May 16
Monday, June 20
Monday, July 18
Monday, August 15
Monday, September 19
Monday, October 17
Monday, November 21
Monday, December 19


Commissioner's Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

The Ripley County Council met on Monday, November 21, 2011 at the Ripley County Annex in Versailles, Indiana.

Council President Ms. Dephane Smith called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Council Members Donald Dunbar, Bill Warren, Bill McDonald, Juanita Kaiser, Edward Armbrecht, and Bill Dramann were also in attendance.   

William Lee Wagner, Ripley County Auditor took minutes for the Council Meeting.

Approval of minutes from October 17, 2011:

Council Member McDonald moved to approve the minutes as presented with a second from Council Member Warren.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

TRANSFER OF FUNDS:  (Council Approval needed)

Office           Amount            From: Account/Name                                To: Account/Name

Health       $477.12          8117-34800-000-0340/Travel        8117-49000-0340/Equipment

Transfer allows the grant account to be closed out.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member McDonald.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

TRANSFER OF FUNDS: (Council Approval Not Needed)

Office        Amount      From: Account/Name         To: Account/Name                                                                                                  

Highway         $746.38           1169-217-32520/Bituminous         1169-217-32490/Stone

Highway         $866.08           1112-278-32520/Bituminous         1112-278-32490/Stone

Highway         $12000.00       1112-278-32520/Bituminous         1112-278-32490/Stone


Health         $30.56    1159-34802-000-034/Env. Travel  1159-34803-000-034/RN Travel

Health         $2.66    8117-43150-000-0340/Comm Eq 8117-49000-000-0340/Equipment


 Office        Amount      From: Account/Name         To: Account/ Name


Technology     $406.00   1001-36150-000-053/Cabling     1001-37203-000-053/CSI

Technology     $953.00   1001-38500-000-053/Internet     1001-37203-000-053/CSI


Jail     $93.43     1001-18400-000-014/Matron         1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $2910.11 1001-18401-000-014/Dep Matron  1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $34.18     1001-17900-000-0014/FT Cook     1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $347.12   1001-17902-000-0014/2nd FT Cook 1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $22.75     1001-18300-000-014/Jailer 1          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $441.41   1001-18301-000-014/Jailer 2          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime 

Jail     $1546.97 1001-18302-000-014/Jailer 3          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $22.75     1001-18303-000-014/Jailer 4          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $22.75     1001-18305-000-014/Jailer 5          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $22.75     1001-18306-000-014/Jailer 6          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $1354.28 1001-18307-000-014/Jailer 7          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $156.72   1001-18308-000-014/Jailer 8          1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $3802.24 1001-13801-000-014/Jailer 11        1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $218.39   1001-18311-000-014/Jailer 12        1001-13801-000-014/Jail Overtime

Jail     $3153.61    1001-18310-000-014/Jailer 10        1001-18312-000-014/Jailer 13

Jail     $1453.83    1001-18311-000-014/Jailer 12        1001-18312-000-014/Jailer 13

Jail     $978.43      1001-18307-000-014/Jailer 7          1001-18309-000-014/Jailer 9


 Office     Amount     From:  Account/Name                                 To:  Account/Name

Sheriff    $95.24  1001-11100-000-0007/El Off.       1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $39.81  1001-11900-000-0007/Ch. Dep     1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $103.98  1001-11300-000-0007/2nd Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $9195.11 1001-11400-000-0007/3rd Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $1318.95 1001-11500-000-0007/4th Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $550.40   1001-11800-000-0007/5th Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $28.34     1001-14300-000-0007/6th Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $28.34     1001-14400-000-0007/7th Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $28.34     1001-14450-000-0007/8th Dep    1001-13801-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol

Sheriff    $679.22   1001-12302-000-0007/9th Dep    1001-12302-000-0007/Dep. OT-Hol


                                               ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS

Office         Amount        Account/Name                                                  Reason

Auditor      $3500.00      1001-39900-000-018/Burial of Soldiers       Provide funds for remainder of 2011

1st    Council Member Armbrecht  2nd Council Member Kaiser  yes -7   no abstain

Motion passed unanimously


Health        $751.19        8117-49000-000-0340/H1N1 Equipment     Close out grant    

1st    Council Member Kaiser  2nd   Council Member Warren yes -7 no  abstain

Motion passed unanimously



911-Ms. Judy Schebler

Ms. Schebler explained the 2011 audit questioning some expenses paid under the funds from 911.  The audit revealed that some funds such as supplies, utilities , Etc were not allowed by the statute and would need be paid under the commissioner budget for 2012.    

Ms. Schebler advised that PERF could be paid through the 911 funds and suggested that the  PERF expense be shifted to the 911 budget and those items not allowed by code to be paid by the 911 funds be shifted to the commissioners budget. 

This was discussed and she was advised how to handle through the Auditor’s office.

Sheriff-Mr. Tom Grills

Sheriff Grills discussed the additional appropriation for December for fuel that will be requested.  He advised he could reduce funds from the jail under meals and utilities.  This will result in a reduction of the jail budget that will offset the increase in the garage and motors in the Sheriff budget.  This will be advertised for the December meeting.

The Council discussed the need to change the December 19, 2011 meeting date due to deadlines for additional appropriations set by DLGF.  Council Member Dunbar moved to change the meeting date to December 12, 2011 at 7:00pm at the Annex Building meeting room and change the January  17, 2012 meeting date to January 18, 2012 due to conflict in Council Members schedules.  Council Member Kaiser seconded and the motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

The meeting schedule for 2012 was then discussed and Council Member Kaiser moved to accept the revised meeting schedule for 2012 with a second from Council Member Warren.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

County Attorney Ertel advised the status of the purchase of the Bauer property.  IDEM has agreed to the structure of the purchase and the request from Brownfield for a comfort letter has been submitted and the county is waiting for the reply.

The Council discussed the appointment to the SIRPC.  Council Member moved to appoint herself with a second from Council Member Warren.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.




TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE—Mr. Edward Armbrecht—None      

E911 ADVISORY BOARD:  Ms. Juanita Kaiser—None


GRANTS COMMITTEE –Ms. Dephane Smith—Commissioner Reiners advised the county highway had a grant submitted for a new chipper box.

SOLID WASTE DISTRICT—Mr. Bill McDonald-Part time employee had been hired and all was going well.


With no further business to come before the Council a motion was made by Council Member Warren to adjourn.  A second was made by Council Member McDonald and the motion passed unanimously-7 yes.


Ripley County