view the duties of a County Council Member          


Dephane Smith, President

5796 E. Co. Rd. 475 N.

Milan, IN 47031




Juanita (Dee Dee) Kaiser

418 Pleasant View Lane

Batesville, IN  47006



Bill Dramann

347 S Park Avenue

Batesville, IN  47006



Bill McDonald

5756 W Fairground Rd

Osgood, IN  47037


Donald Dunbar, President Pro Tem

829 E Beech Street

P.O. Box 122

Osgood, IN  47037



Edward L. Armbrecht

1784 E County Rd 800 S

Versailles, IN  47042



Bill Warren

645 Columbia Avenue

Osgood, IN  47037






2012 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Commissioner's meeting room located in  the Annex Building

Wednesday, January 18

Tuesday, February 21
Monday, March 19
Monday, April 16
Monday, May 21
Monday, June 18
Monday, July 16
Monday, August 20
8:00 am September 4, 5, 6 Budget Reviews
Monday, September 17
Monday, October 15
Monday, November 19
Monday, December 17


Council Meeting Minutes

Unofficial Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

Ripley County Council Special Meeting

September 4,5,6, 2012

The Special Meeting of the Ripley County Council to review 2013 budgets was called to order by Council President Smith with the pledge to the flag.

Council Members Smith, Warren, Kaiser, McDonald, Dunbar, Armbrecht,  and Dramann were present.

Department budgets were reviewed with most budgets not exceeding the recommendations of the finance committee receiving approval without further review.  The following departments were requested to appear for further review and to provide clarification for some items in their budgets:

EMS                                      Solid Waste                      Park & Recreation          Highway

Sheriff                                   Health Department           Assessor                          Probation

Commissioners                     Prosecutor                         Recorder

Veterans                                911                                    Clerk

The meeting was adjourned to Wednesday, September 5, 2012 to continue with budget reviews.

On September 5, 2012 the meeting was re-convened with budget reviews continuing.

All Council Members were present at the start of the meeting.    

The meeting was adjourned until September, 6 2012 to continue with the budget review and revisions.

The meeting reconvened September 6, 2012 with Council Members Warren and Kaiser absent for the afternoon session.

Budgets were discussed and Salary Ordinances reviewed.  Salary Ordinances revealed different amounts due to rounding.  Council Member McDonald moved to correct the Ordinances so that all would read the same for respective elected officials and deputy positions as well as part time clerical positions.

Council Member Kaiser seconded and the motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

Elected Officials--$38,736.00      First Deputy--$27,992.00    Second Deputy--$26,183.00

Third Deputy--$25,873.00    Fourth Deputy--$25119.00   Clerical--$10.84 per hour

At the end of the discussion and review Council Member Armbrecht moved to pay 911 from the Commissionerís Budget.  Council Member Dramann seconded and the motion passed with 5 yes.  Council Members

 Warren and Kaiser were absent.

Council Member Armbrecht then moved to adopt the County Budget for 2013 as revised with a second from Council Member Dramann.  The motion passed with 5 yes.  Council Members  Warren and Kaiser were absent.

With no further business, the motion to adjourn was made by Council Member Dramann with a second from Council Member Dunbar.  The motion passed with 5 yes.  Council Members Warren and Kaiser were absent



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