view the duties of a County Council Member




Dephane Smith, President

5796 E County Rd 475 N

Milan, IN  47031




Juanita (Dee Dee) Kaiser

418 Pleasant View Lane

Batesville, IN  47006




Bill Dramann

347 S Park Avenue

Batesville, IN  47006




Bill McDonald

5756 W Fairground Rd

Osgood, IN  47037


Donald Dunbar, Vice President

829 E Beech Street

P.O. Box 122

Osgood, IN  47037



Edward L. Armbrecht

1784 E County Rd 800 S

Versailles, IN  47042




Bill Warren

645 Columbia Avenue

Osgood, IN  47037



2011 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Commissioner's meeting room located in  the Annex Building

Wednesday, January 19

Wednesday, February 23
Monday, March 21
Monday, April 18
Monday, May 16
Monday, June 20
Monday, July 18
Monday, August 15
Monday, September 19
Monday, October 17
Monday, November 21
Monday, December 19




Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

The Ripley County Council met on Monday, June 20, 2011 at the Ripley County Annex in Versailles, Indiana.

Council President Ms. Dephane Smith called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Council Members Donald Dunbar, Bill Warren, Bill McDonald, Juanita Kaiser, Bill Dramann, and Edward Armbrecht were also in attendance.   

William Lee Wagner, Ripley County Auditor took minutes for the Council Meeting.

The minutes of May 16, 2011 were approved with 6 yes – (1 absent at time of motion-    Kaiser)  by a motion from Council Member Armbrecht and a second from Council Member Warren.


Circuit Court:

$2,000.00 FROM 100.36900.000.020 Juror Lodging and Meals TO 100.36800.000.020 Pauper Transcript



$90,000.00 FROM #278.32490.000.278  EDIT Stone—chipping and sealing of roads

$210,000.00  FROM#278.32520.000.278  EDIT Bituminous—chipping and sealing of roads

Commissioner Reiners spoke to explain the request for additional funds for the highway department.  He also provided the breakdown of roads to be repaired in each district.  Council Member Armbrecht clarified that the funds being requested would come from the EDIT funds.   Council Member Dunbar made his opinion known and stated he felt it was important to keep the roads in shape and keep the employees busy.

Council Member Warren moved to approve the request and Council Member Dunbar seconded.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.


$3,000,000.00 FROM #100.47100.000.018 County General---Annex Building Project

$500,000.00 FROM #212.47101.000.212 River Boat Wagering-Annex Building Project

$150,000.00 FROM #212.32395.000.212 River Boat Wagering-Annex Building Project

$200,000.00 FROM #212.47100.000.212 River Boat Wagering-Annex Building Project

Council Member Dunbar moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Armbrecht.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

Ripley County LCC:

$34,330.00 FROM #276.37550.000.276 Drug Free Community Fund-2011 LCC Budget

Council Member Dramann moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Warren.  The motion was approved unanimously with 7 yes.


The Ordinance to establish a clearing fund-Riverboat-Belterra Revenue Clearing Fund was presented by County Attorney Ertel.  Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the ordinance with a second from Council Member McDonald.  The motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.

Attorney Ertel also advised the appraisals for the Bauer property had been received.  Hardebeck Appraisals was $75,000.00 and Jeff Thomas Appraisals was $78,000.00.  Attorney Ertel will meet with the Bauers and negotiate with her. 

The Finance Committee recommended a 2% pay raise with office/department budgets remaining at 2010 levels.   Also the costs of property, liability, auto, health, life, and dental insurance would be broken down as much as possible and assigned to each department.  The Finance Committee will meet again June 23, 2011 at 9:00 am to determine the final instructions to offices/departments .


GT Performance:

Mr. Barry Lauber appeared with Mr. Gary Trout, Mr. John Hemmer, and Mr. Gary Rennebaum to request additional tax abatement for GT Performance.  He was requesting 10 years tax abatement on the building and equipment with a 10 year claw back provision.  Mr. Trout requested he desired to use the property formerly reserved for Beltech.  He would be building a warehouse for distribution of a water product.  He also stated that he had additional products for companies that could be distributed from the warehouse in the future.  He is also able to get some funds from the Lawrenceburg Grant moved to his project.  The Council advised him they would review and act at a later meeting.

Ripley County Humane Society:  Ms. Dee Dee Holiday

Ms. Holiday advised the Council she had been referred to them by the Commissioners.  She advised the facility was full with 40 dogs and 30 cats.  Extra pressure of additional animals is due to the economic times.  They are seeking grants and donations to expand the facility by adding a $75,000.00 isolation building.  Their current budget is $136,000.00 and they have been working with Safe Passage to house animals of victims accepted at the shelters.  She asked about funding from the county to help them operate.

She was informed the Council would take her request under advisement for consideration.




TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE—Mr. Edward Armbrecht—None      

E911 ADVISORY BOARD:  Ms. Juanita Kaiser—None

SEI REGIONAL PLANNING COMM.—Commissioner Reiners—None

GRANTS COMMITTEE –Ms. Dephane Smith—She advised Scott Huffman at the EMS would apply for new defibrillators.

SOLID WASTE DISTRICT—Mr. Donald Dunbar—Mr. Dunbar advised the July meeting would be his last. A motion was made to replace him with Mr. Bill
McDonald by Council Member Warren with a second from Council Member Kaiser.  The motion passed with 6 yes and 1 abstain ( McDonald)


With no further business to come before the Council a motion was made by Council Member Warren to adjourn.  A second was made by Council Member Dunbar and the motion passed unanimously with 7 yes.



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