view the duties of a County Council Member          


District 2

Dephane Smith, President

5796 E Co Rd 475 N

Milan, IN 47031



District 1

Juanita (Dee Dee) Kaiser

418 Pleasant View Lane

Batesville, IN  47006



At Large

Brenda Wetzler

413 E Fairground Ave

Osgood, IN  47037


At Large

Mark Horstman

13825 N Co Rd 775 E

Sunman, IN  47041

District 3

Bill McDonald, President Pro Tem

5756 W Fairground Rd

Osgood, IN  47037



District 4

Edward L. Armbrecht

1784 E County Rd 800 S

Versailles, IN  47042



At Large

Bill Warren

645 Columbia Avenue

Osgood, IN  47037


2013 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Commissioner's meeting room located in  the Annex Building

Tuesday, January 22

Tuesday, February 19
Monday, March 18
Monday, April 15
Monday, May 20
Monday, June 17
Monday, July 15
Monday, August 19
Budget Hearings TBA
Monday, September 16
Monday, October 21
Monday, November 18
Monday, December 16


Council Meeting Minutes

Unofficial Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

The Ripley County Council met on Monday, June 17, 2013 at the Ripley County Annex in Versailles, Indiana.

Council President Ms. Dephane Smith opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  Council Members Dephane Smith, Bill McDonald, Ed Armbrecht, Juanita Kaiser, Mark Horstman, Brenda Wetzler, and  Bill Warren were in attendance.  Also in attendance were Attorney Ertel and Auditor Wagner.

Approval of the minutes from the May 20, 2013 meeting:

Council Member Warren moved to approve the minutes with a second from Council Member Horstman.  The motion passed with 7 yes.

TRANSFERS:  Council Approval Needed


$200.00 FROM #1001-34400-000-0054 Telephone TO #1001-32800-000-0054 Meetings

$200.00 FROM #1001-34400-000-0054 Telephone TO #1001-32800-000-0054 Meetings

This is to provide funds for meetings  for Veterans Service Officers

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve with a second from Council Member Kaiser.  Motion passed with 7 yes.

911/ Communications:

$3000.00  FROM #1222-17302-000-0045 Telecommunicator TO # 1222-11290-000-0045 Holiday Pay

This is for funds to pay the holiday pay.

Council Member Wetzler  moved to approve with a second from Council Member Kiaser.  Motion passed with 7 yes.


Mr. Warren Bruns appeared to speak for the transfer of EDIT funds to provide video surveillance of the Park grounds.  Council Member McDonald stated the supplier of this equipment may need to supply the conflict of interest statement if he is still employed by the county. He also requested the remaining balance of EDIT funds ($10459.89) to be transferred for other projects needed.  He was advised to get quotes for those projects and the Council would consider the transfer at a later meeting if needed.

$19,540.11 FROM # 1112-33230-000-0278 EDIT Tax Fairground Eq. Maintenance TO #1112-43100-000-0278 EDIT Tax Machinery and Eq.

This is for the video equipment and installation.

Council Member Warren moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member McDonald.  Motion passed with 6 yes and 1 no (Horstman)



$8098.30 From #1001-13300-000-0005 County General

This is to pay for additional health insurance costs for the department due to addition of employee that was not on coverage prior.

Council Member Horstman moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Wetzler.  Motion passed with 7 yes.


$3288.25 From #1188-13300-000-0343 Reassessment

Employee had been on husband’s plan with another department and now wants individual coverage from her own department.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Warren.  Motion passed with 7 yes.


$3500.00 FROM # 1175-25300-000-0210 County Misdemeanant

$4100.00 From #1175-36103-000-0210 County Misdemeanant-Repairs

This is to replace funds previously used for radio purchases for the department.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member McDonald.  Motion passed with 7 yes.




Commissioner Reiners advised the results for core samples on Bridge #112 had not yet been received.  He stated that DNR may be involved and would advise of further developments.  He was advised by Council to appropriate funds so that when the project was ready there would be no waiting for funds.


Council Member Wetzler presented the job description form.  This will be sent to each department head and employee to complete and submit by July 31, 2013 to the Auditor’s Office. 

She has set a time to go over the form and answer questions on Friday, June 21, 2013 in the Annex meeting room starting at 10:00am.

Council Member Armbrecht advised he would also be available at that to answer any questions pertaining to the budget process for each department.

Council Member Armbrecht also brought before the Council the issue of Solid Waste receiving CAGIT funds.  He moved to stop CAGIT funds being distributed to Solid Waste.  Council Member Warren seconded the motion and the motion passed with 7 yes.  Council Member Armbrecht request Auditor Wagner contact DLGF and determine the notification process needed.

Council Member Armbrecht then presented the Finance Committee’s proposed guidelines for departments to use in preparing the 2014 budgets.  He and Council Member McDonald stressed these were guidelines only and could possibly change at budget reviews.

1)     3% raise across the board for employees

2)    The Establishment of an overtime line item for each department.  This number will need documentation.

3)    Operating expenses to remain at 2013 levels.  Any requested increase would need documentation.

4)    Payroll costs (PERF& Social Security) and insurance costs (Health, Liability, WC) would be by fund rather than department and not included on each individual department budget.

5)    Equipment requests for 2014 should be documented and should be purchased from Cum Cap Equipment rather than department operating budget line.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the guidelines with a second from Council Member Wetzler.  Motion passed with 7 yes.


Several spectators were in the crowd and were welcomed by Council President Smith.



TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Edward Armbrecht—Meeting 6-19-2013 to consider software and hardware requests by the Recorder.

E911 ADVISORY BOARD:  Ms. Juanita Kaiser—None

SEI REGIONAL PLANNING COMM.—Ms. Juanita Kaiser—Brownfields are receiving attention through insurance.  They are hiring an engineer to consult for then

GRANTS COMMITTEE –Ms. Dephane Smith—Current application for Recorder’s Office to purchase a large book scanner.



Council Member Wetzler advised the Council Solarzendrum of Osgood is receiving purchase orders and is beginning to increase production.

The Seagrams Warehouse property in Milan is being considered by a company for use.  Also a new restaurant is taking over the closed Mexican Restaurant in Versailles and should be opened soon.

With no further business to come before the Council a motion was made by Council Member Horstman to adjourn.  A second was made by Council Member Warren and the motion passed with 7 yes.


Ripley County