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2010 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Commissioner's meeting room located in  the Annex Building


MONDAY MAY 17, 2010
MONDAY JUNE 21, 2010
MONDAY JULY 19, 2010









5796 E CO RD 475 N                                       418 PLEASANT VIEW LANE

MILAN, IN 47031                                             BATESVILLE, IN 47006

(812) 654-2619                                                  (812) 934-4899



829 E. BEECH ST                                              5127 W COUNTY RD 500 N  

P.O. BOX 122                                                    OSGOOD, IN 47037

OSGOOD, IN 47037                                          (812) 689-5226                         

(812) 689-4406


BILL WARREN                                                  EDWARD L. ARMBRECHT  

645 COLUMBIA AVE                                       1784 E COUNTY RD 800 S

OSGOOD, IN  47037                                         VERSAILLES, IN 47042

(812) 689-4427                                                    (812) 667-5690 





(812) 934-4280




Meeting March 15,2010

Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

The Ripley County Council met on Monday, March 15, 2010 at the Ripley County Annex in Versailles, Indiana.

Dephane Smith, Council President called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Council Members Dephane Smith, Donald Dunbar, Bill Dramann, Juanita Kaiser, Bill Warren,  David Simon, and Ed Armbrecht were in attendance.

William Lee Wagner, Ripley County Auditor took minutes for the Council Meeting.

Neil Comer, County Attorney was present for the Council meeting.

Council Member Dunbar made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 19, 2009 meeting, seconded by Council Member Warren .  Motion was approved with Council Member Armbrecht abstaining.


Ripley County Highway Department: Commissioner Reiners appeared.

$1880.33 Acct # 508-32770-000-052 Dumpster (to appropriate monies left in solid waste to use for disposals)  Council Member Dunbar made motion to approve, seconded by Council Member Kaiser.  Motion approved unanimously.

$60,000.00 Acct # 203-29426-000-033 Cumulative Bridge (additional needed for the construction of bridge on County Road 1000N) Council Member Kaiser made motion to approve, seconded by Council Member Warren.  Motion approved unanimously.

$20,000.00 Acct # 203-37903-000-033(Scour Plan of Action) To appropriate funds to implement the scour plan of action that is mandated by the State of Indiana.  Program is 80% reimbursable.)  Council Member Warren made motion to approve, seconded by Council Member Armbrecht.  Motion approved unanimously.

Ripley County Clerk:  Mary Ann McCoy:

$3000.00 Acct# 282-11600-000-000 Clerk Perpetuation Fund (to provide funds for clerical help to file records in storage at the Hunter building and Clerk’s office) 

A discussion followed whether or not this came under the preservation of records. Council Member Armbrecht stated he did not believe it was allowed by the code.  Clerk McCoy stated she had contacted a person (Malinoski) and they believed it would meet code.  Council Member Armbrecht stated he believed Clerk McCoy should contact the State Boards of Accounts. 

Council Member Kaiser moved to approve the request.  No second was received and after further discussion the motion was withdrawn. 

Council Member Dunbar then moved to table the request until the April 19, 2010 Council Meeting and further information could be obtained. Council Member Simon seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

$35,625.00 Acct# 294-43100-000-000 HAVA Title III Fund (to pay past due bill for Accu Vote OS Tabulation machines with memory card and case)

Recorder Bradford clarified that this was not a past due bill as she had informed the company that they could ship the machines but they would not receive any payment until the State released the money.  She had a call from the State on December 29, 2009 that the money had been approved and a check would be coming to the County.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Warren and the motion passed unanimously.

Clerk McCoy stated she would appear before the Council to appropriate the money as soon as it was received from the State.

County Surveyor: Mr. Jeff French

Mr. French appeared to explain the GIS system provided by WTH.  He stated he could pay for the $4500.00 initial cost and the first year $3600.00 maintenance fee from the Corner Perpetuation Fund.  However, he stated he did not want to do that unless the Council was in agreement to allow funding for the 2011 period and beyond.

Council Member Kaiser moved to provide future funding with a second from Council Member Warren and the motion passed unanimously.

Recorder:  Ms. Ginger Bradford

Ms. Bradford advised the request was for an additional deputy position due to the additional requirements from scanning the records and indexing them.  She stated there were approximately 103,000 documents to scan and index back to 1959 and this would take approximately 3 years with her present staff and the additional deputy.  The expense is to be paid from the Recorder Perpetuation Fund.  She also advised that the records were backed up each night and that were stored off site in at least two places.

Council Member Armbrecht moved to approve the request with a second from Council Member Simon and the motion passed unanimously.

Health Department Salary Ordinance:

The Ordinance was presented to the Council.  The position in question had not received a raise last two years on the hourly pay.   Job has salary cap.  Council Member Dephane stated she had talked with Ms. Pat Thomas and advised her that she could request raise but once the salary cap was reached the job was finished regardless of the hourly pay.

Council Member Dunbar moved to table the Ordinance until the April 19,2010 meeting.  Council Member Kaiser seconded.  Motion approved unanimously.

Osgood Public Library:  Connie Coyle Appointment

No representative nor letter from the Library was provided.  Council Member Warren  moved to table the appointment until the April 19, 2010 meeting.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Kaiser and motion was approved unanimously.

Parks Department:  Ms. Julie Brancamp

Two candidates were present at the request of Council President Smith so that they could be met by Council members.  Ms. Rachel Curl and Mr. Charles Baylor each spoke.  Mr. George Bultman spoke and explained why their recommendation was for Ms. Curl. 

Council Member Warren made the motion to accept the Park Board recommendation (Ms. Curl)  Motion  was seconded by Council Member Armbrecht. Motion approved unanimously.

Economic Development:  Mr. Barry Lauber

Mr. Lauber appeared to advise the Council that there was a business interested in coming to Versailles that would provide 75 jobs and an approximate $6 million investment in the business park.  He explained that due to time constraints it was necessary to come before the Council before the Commissioners.  He will appear before the Commissioners at their next meeting March 22, 2010.  He advised the Council that Economic Development would be applying to Lawrenceburg for a grant to help bring in this business.  Any additional commitments would help secure the grant.  Economic Development has committed $25,000.00 and he was asking for the support of the Council for $120,000.00

All is to be contingent on the business relocating to Versailles and that safeguards would be in place to protect the interests of everyone involved. Council was polled for their support and all agreed with the project. 

Sheriff Report:  Sheriff Tom Grills

Sheriff Grills provided the Annual Jail report for the Council members.  He then discussed the problems with the equipment at the jail and that he was working with the Commissioners to determine how to repair and pay for those repairs.   A lengthy discussion followed pertaining to the Commissary Fund, Budget, and Home Incarceration Fund and how to pay for the additional vehicle ordered and needed.  It was finally determined the Sheriff provide the Council with an Additional Appropriation out of the Home Incarceration/Work Release Fund to purchase the additional vehicle. 

Other Business:

South Ripley Ministerial Association Letter advising when the courthouse grounds would be used for day of prayer.

Indiana County Council Association dues letter:  Motion was made by Council Member Dunbar to pay them and seconded by Council Member Kaiser.  Motion passed 6 Yes and Council Member Armbrecht No

Public Comment:

Gandy Browning introduced himself as Republican Candidate for Ripley County Sheriff and advised this was his first meeting.

Committee Reports:

Economic Development-Mr. Jeff Volz ---No one present

Technology Committee- Mr. Ed Armbrecht—No Report

E911 Advisory Board- Mr. Ben Peetz—No one present

SEI Regional Planning Committee—MS. Dephane Smith-No Report

Grants Committee—Ms. Dephane Smith—No Report

Solid Waste District-Mr. Don Dunbar—Advised of 03-17-2010 meeting and that it was a good chance that they would expand the recycle center

EMS Advisory Board-Mr. David Simon—No Report

Council Member Kaiser made a motion to adjourn until the next Council Meeting on April 19, 2010, seconded by Council Member Dramann. Motion was approved unanimously.


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