District 1

Robert Reiners, President

10105 N Spades Rd

Sunman, IN  47041



District 2

Mark Busching

608 Clearview Lane

Versailles, IN  47042



District 3

Gerald Stutler

P.O. Box 66

Friendship, IN  47021


Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00am at the Highway Garage and at 8:00am in the Commissioner's meeting room located in the Annex Building

Monday, January 7,2013

Monday, July 22, 2013
Friday, January 18, 2013 Monday, August 5, 2013
Monday, February 4, 2013 Monday, August 19, 2013
Friday, February 15, 2013 Friday, August 30, 2013
Monday, March 4, 2013 Monday, September 16, 2013
Monday, March 18, 2013 Monday, September 30, 2013
Monday, April 1, 2013 Friday, October 11, 2013
Monday, April  15, 2013 Monday, October 28, 2013
Monday, April 29, 2013 Friday, November 8, 2013
Monday, May 13, 2013 Monday, November 25, 2013
Friday, May 24, 2013 Monday, December 9, 2013
Monday, June 10, 2013 Monday, December 23, 2013
Monday, June 24, 2013 Monday, January 6, 2014
Monday, July 8, 2013  

Commissioner's Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Bill Wager, Ripley County Auditor 

Commissioners meeting opened promptly at 7:00AM on Monday, September 16 , 2013 at the Ripley County Highway Department, Osgood, Indiana.

Commissioners Robert Reiners, Mark Busching, Gary Stutler, and Auditor William Wagner were in attendance for the meeting.

Bridge #112 was discussed.  Pre-cast footers were not in the quote or in the yearly bid items from CPI.  Different ways to correct the bridge issues will be addressed.  CHA Engineering (Michael Phelps) will inspect the bridge to determine if the deck can be replaced and bring the bridge back to satisfactory status.

The specs for the new dump trucks budgeted for 2014 was discussed with Foreman Kissell.

Superintendent Heaton requested restocking the cinder pile.  He presented three quotes for hauling the cinders.  1) Demaree Trucking for $4.75/ton   2) Flatland Farms for $4.90/ton

3)  John T Trucking for $5.50/ton

Superintendent Heaton was instructed to use the lowest bid from Demaree Trucking for $4.75/ton.

Foreman Kissell advised he was working with Goodyear in Greensburg on tires for the Gradall.  He also advised he would be receiving calcium chloride from them that can be mixed with the salt brine at no cost to the county except picking up.

With no further business to discuss Commissioner Busching moved to recess to the Annex meeting room.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Busching moved to reconvene while Commissioner Stutler seconded.  The motion passed unanimously and the meeting reconvened with the Pledge to the Flag.

Commissioners Reiners, Stutler, and Busching were present as well as County Attorney Ertel and Auditor Wagner.

Maintenance-Mr. Johnnie Lohrum 8:12:42

Mr. Lohrum advised the server room AC had quit over the weekend and he had called QPH to check it.  QPH had to put an additional charge in the system as it tested too low to work properly.

He reported the refinishing of the courthouse doors was completed.

EMA—Mr. Patrick Rose 8:20:00

Mr. Rose advised a disaster procedure book had been prepared.  Also fire drills will be scheduled for after the Pumpkin Show for the annex and courthouse.

Batesville Economic Development—Mayor Rick Fledderman and Mr. Gene Lambert 8:22:01

Mayor Fledderman asked if a decision had been made by the commissioners on the request of funding for the Merkel Road Project.  Commissioner Reiners advised the decision had been made to provide $100,000.00 from EDIT for the project with the provision that Batesville take over the road.  The letter noting this and the terms that would need to be in an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement prepared by Attorney Ertel was provided to them for review and Mayor Fledderman and Mr. Lambert retired to the foyer to review it. 

At 8:44:45 they returned and advised they would take the agreement under advisement and report to their Boards.  Mayor Fledderman stated they were disappointed with the amount approved and they felt the industrial park in Batesville would greatly increase the job creation for the county.  He advised they would return at a later meeting once the proposal had been reviewed with their Boards.

Treasurer—Ms. Amy Copeland  8:26:00

Ms. Copeland discussed the need for a processing fee for mobile home permits.  She provided a sample and stated she felt $10.00 would be enough to cover the expense and time involved.

She also advised she had researched a new credit card payment processor named Invoice Cloud.  The fee was $50.00 per month.  The processor updates daily which integrates with the LOW system the county uses and will show a payment quicker in the system and allows the funds to be deposited to the county quicker.  It will also allow for paperless invoicing of tax bills.

Commissioner Busching moved to approve the request with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  Motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Copeland then addressed how to pay the monthly fee and Commissioner Busching moved to pay the fee from interest earned.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Technology—Ms. Kelly Vollet 8:38:20

Ms. Vollet also advised the commissioners of the AC problem in the server room. 

She advised the commissioners the new employee starting the custodial position had received his keys and would be starting today.

Area Planning---Mr. Tad Brinson 8:40:47

Mr. Brinson appeared with Surveyor Jeff French to advise the commissioners of a request for rezone.  They explained that the property lay in the county and Town of Versailles and the Town of Versailles had approved the rezone.  The Planning Board recommended the rezone from R-1 to Local Business.

Commissioner Stutler moved to approve Ordinance 2013-09 to rezone the property as requested with a second from Commissioner Busching.  Motion passed unanimously.

EMA—Mr. Patrick Rose 8:57:45

Mr. Rose appeared with State Representative Randy Frye to stress the importance of the District 9 Mutual Aid Contract.  The commissioners signed the agreement.

911—Ms. Judy Schebler

Ms. Schebler presented the commissioners with an application for approval for dispatcher. 

After review Commissioner Stutler moved to approve Ms. Michelle Roush for employment.  Commissioner Busching seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Schebler also discussed the issue of holiday pay and advised she had gone back two years to correct the error in its computation.  She advised she would be requesting an appropriation from County Council to provide the funds and it will be paid when the funds are approved.

Commissioner Busching moved to approve the minutes of the August 30, 2013 meeting and claims as presented.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Courthouse roof was discussed and Commissioner Busching moved to accept the quote from Maxwell Construction for $9558.00.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Courthouse piping for the heat and AC was discussed and the quote from QPH was reviewed.  Commissioner Busching moved to approve the quote with the understanding there had been no change in pricing from the original quote of 1/24/2013 for $43420.00.

Mr. Marty Hon of E&H Bridge questioned the commissioners if a decision had been made on Bridge #112.  He was informed the commissioners were looking at another option to repair/replace the bridge and a decision would be made later.

The commissioners signed payroll sheets, claim vouchers, and claims being paid from the commissioners’ budget along with the minutes of the August 30, 2013 meeting.

With no further business to come before the commissioners, Commissioner Busching moved to adjourn with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  Motion passed unanimously.


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