District 1

Robert Reiners, President

10105 N Spades Rd

Sunman, IN  47041



District 2

Mark Busching

214 Spencer Lane

Versailles, IN  47042



District 3

Gerald Stutler

P.O. Box 66

Friendship, IN  47021


Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00am at the Highway Garage and at 8:00am in the Commissioner's meeting room located in the Annex Building

Monday, January 6,2014

Monday, July 21, 2014
Friday, January 20, 2014 Monday, August 4, 2014
Monday, February 3, 2014 Monday, August 18, 2014
Monday, February 17, 2014 Friday, August 29, 2014
Monday, March 3, 2014 Monday, September 15, 2014
Monday, March 17, 2014 Monday, September 29, 2014
Monday, March 31, 2014 Friday, October 10, 2014
Monday, April  14, 2014 Monday, October 27, 2014
Monday, April 28, 2014 Monday, November 10, 2014
Monday, May 12, 2014 Monday, November 24, 2014
Friday, May 23, 2014 Monday, December 8, 2014
Monday, June 9, 2014 Monday, December 22, 2014
Monday, June 23, 2014 Monday, January 5, 2015
Monday, July 7, 2014  

Commissioner's Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor 

Commissioners meeting opened promptly at 7:00AM on Monday, September 15, 2014 at the Ripley County Highway Department, Osgood, Indiana.

Commissioners Robert Reiners and Gary Stutler were in attendance. Commissioner Busching remained in the surgery rehab unit and was absent.  Auditor Wagner was also present.

Foreman Kissell advised he had received a second quote from Volvo on the leasing of 3 graders for the highway garage.  It was higher than John Deere and will be filed in his information for reference.

He also reported the new trucks were in and will be going to have the beds installed.

Superintendent Heaton advised salt was being purchased through the State bid for $60.82 per ton delivered.  Delivery is to start soon.

Foreman Toops advised Bridge #16 is to be closed for approximately 30 days for repair starting 9/22/2014.  911 and the school have been notified.

With no further business Commissioner Stutler moved to recess to the annex meeting room with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes.

Commissioner Stutler moved to reconvene at the Ripley County Annex with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes and the meeting reconvened with the Pledge to the Flag. Commissioners Reiners and Stutler were present as well as Auditor Wagner and Attorney Ertel. Commissioner Busching was absent. 

Maintenance—Mr. Johnnie Lohrum 8:10:00

Mr. Lohrum advised the railing had been re-installed on the courthouse steps on the east side. 

Also the Univent repair did not solve the leak problem and will need to be replaced before spring.

EMA—Mr. Patrick Rose 8:14:18

Mr. Rose advised the P25 Radio replacement quotes had been received and he will advise after they have been reviewed.

Coroner—Ms. Lauren Thielking

Ms. Thielking advised the commissioners the cot the hospital had for sale was in worse shape than the one the county had.  She advised rescue 30 had a good one for $1000.00 and she had the funds in the budget to purchase.  The commissioners agreed to purchase the Rescue 30 cot.

The vehicle replacement was discussed and she advised the fleet price received from Batesville Chrysler was only a few hundred dollars higher than the State bid.  She was instructed to take the State bid price to the dealership and see if they will match the State bid.

Commissioner Stutler moved to approve the minutes of the August 29, 2014 meeting with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes.

Commissioner Stutler moved to approve the claims being paid from the commissioners’ budget with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes.

Commissioners signed payroll sheets, claim vouchers, claims being paid from the commissioners’ budget including those held from the last meeting, and minutes of the August 29, 2014 meeting.

The letter to Margaret Mary Health to extend the interlocal agreement with Ripley County EMS for inter-facility transfers was reviewed.  Commissioner Stutler moved to sign the letter and forward to the Hospital.  Commissioner Reiners seconded and the motion passed with 2 yes.

BREAK  8:44:54

Sheriff Department—Sheriff Stratton  9:00:25

Sheriff Stratton presented the commissioners with a revised quote from Stanley Convergent Security Solutions on the changeover to digital recording at the jail.  The revised quote was substantially less due to promotional pricing good until December 31, 2014.  Sheriff Stratton is to check into the cost of extending the recording longer than 90 days.  Also the commissioners tabled the decision until the IT Director-Ms. Kelly Vollet- can be consulted.

EMS—Mr. Jim Corbin 9:11:45

Mr. Corbin presented the commissioners with the August breakdown of savings to the Rescue units by the county reducing the Paramedic use fee.  Through the end of August the total saved by the units was $62,900.00.

Also he reported that on 11/1/2014 Medicount Management will replace the current billing service for the county.  This will require the Rescue Units to also switch to the ne billing provider.  He advised Rescue 69, Rescue 30, and Rescue 10 had or was in the process of changing.  No word has been received from Rescue 20 as of yet.

He also requested Mr. Steven Linville be approved as a part time EMT.  Commissioner Stutler moved to approve the request with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes.

Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co.—Mr. Kevin Jerdon and Mr. Mike Skiles

Mr. Jerdon presented the commissioners with the final revised quote based on the changes requested for the lease of 3 John Deere road graders from their company.  The additional options of single input gearbox with slip clutch and cold weather control valve covers were added without additional cost. 

Lease payment for each grader after the trade in allowances for the old graders will be $17,951.29 each for a total annual outlay of $53,853.87.  Beginning payments are deferred until February of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Residual values at the end of the lease will be $119,100 for each grader.

The Ultimate Up Time Service Package is $4596.00 per year and is paid from the highway budget separately.

Auditor Wagner advised the commissioners with the Sheriff there were instances that the holiday policy as stated in the handbook was pushing individuals into overtime at 1 ½ times when added to their actual hours worked.  The section will be reviewed with the consultant and action taken at a later meeting.

With no further business to conduct, Commissioner Stutler moved to adjourn with a second from Commissioner Reiners.  Motion passed with 2 yes.


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