Robert Reiners, President

10105 N Spades Rd

Sunman, IN  47041



Mark Busching

608 Clearview Lane

Versailles, IN  47042



Gerald Stutler

P.O. Box 66

Friendship, IN  47021


2012 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00am at the Highway Garage and at 8:00am in the Commissioner's meeting room located in the Annex Building

Starting June 11 8:00am meetings will be in the EMA meeting room located at 210 North Monroe Street.

Monday, January 9

Monday, July 9

Monday, January 23 Monday, July 23
Monday, February 6 Monday, August 6
Friday, February 17 Monday, August 20
Monday, March 5 Friday, August 31
Monday, March 19 Monday, September 17
Monday, April 2 Monday, October 1
Monday, April  16 Monday, October 15
Monday, April 30 Monday, October 29
Monday, May 14 Friday, November 9
Friday, May 25 Monday, November 26
Monday, June 11 Monday, December 10
Monday, June 25 Friday, December 21


Commissioner's Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Bill Wager, Ripley County Auditor  Minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Commissioners Meeting.

Commissioners meeting opened promptly at 7:00AM on Friday, August 31, 2012 at the Ripley County Highway Department, Osgood, Indiana.

Commissioners Robert Reiners, Mark Busching, Gary Stutler, and Auditor William Wagner were in attendance for the meeting.

Quotes for the distributor tank, installed on our truck, had been received from Southeastern ($79,580.00) and Brandes Machinery and Supply ($85,396.00) after a $3000.00 trade in for the old tank.

Commissioner Busching moved to accept the quote from Southeastern with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

Superintendent Heaton advised he had been working with Laughrey Valley on the fuel bid for 2012.  It looked like we would not be using the full bid amount and it could possibly be rolled to 2013 at the 2012 price.  He will advise further info as received.

Commissioner Stutler discussed the idea of a new building to store equipment and requested further alternatives be explored before a decision made to build and where to build was made.

He also discussed the Highway Department pulling the Health Department trailer.  No decision was made at this time.

With no further business to attend to, Commissioner Busching moved to recess to the EMA office.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Busching made the motion to reconvene while Commissioner Stutler seconded.  The motion passed unanimously and the meeting reconvened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioners Reiners, Stutler, and Busching were present as well as County Attorney Ertel, and Auditor Wagner.

Maintenance-Mr. Johnnie Lohrum

Mr. Lohrum advised the second floor air flow system had been fixed and the second floor courtroom was receiving good ventilation now.

He stated he had not yet received a quote to insulate the pipes overhead the drop ceiling of the courthouse.

Ms. Kim Jahnigen questioned when the construction port-a- pots were to be emptied as they were not pleasant to be around at this time.  She was advised the construction people would be contacted.

EMA—Mr. Patrick Rose

Mr. Rose updated the commissioners with a weather report that the county could see heavy rain over the weekend.

Technology—Ms. Kelly Vollet

Ms.Vollet requested the commissioners provide HSA pre-tax deductions for employees to the bank of their choosing. 

Commissioner Busching moved to allow this with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

The quotes from Crossman Fire and Safety and Cintas were discussed.  This is to provide fire monitoring for the annex, courthouse, and Jail through one provider.  After discussion and comparison, Commissioner Busching moved to accept the quote from Cintas.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Office Shop—Ms. Jane Guidry—Storage room shelving

Ms. Guidry provided the new layout for the storage room dictated by some support beams and the need to have room around each end of the storage shelf row.  The pricing of the original quote would not change. It also allowed for future expansion in the room and space for a work table (not included in the quote).  The commissioners approved the layout.

County Attorney Ertel advised the commissioners Old National Bank would redeem the Buckeye Street Market building from the tax sale purchaser and the county would remain in second mortgage position on the personal property.  The commissioners signed the agreement as this would not change their position.  

Gallegher Benefits—Mr. Ryan Georgen—County Health Consortium

Mr. Georgen presented the commissioners with their findings from the health consortium his company proposed for Indiana Counties and Cities to help keep down health costs.  It would require a 3 year commitment and Anthem would be providing the benefits.  Their estimate would be Ripley County would see approximately a 3.3% savings from their current plan.  To participate in the plan a decision would have to be made by the 9-17-2012 Commissioners’ meeting.

LWC—Mr. Sam Puterbaugh

Mr. Puterbaugh provided an update of the progress for the annex building project.  He advised September 7, and September 14 would have inspections of the building.  The soil test of the Bauer property should be received week of September 4.  He advised the substantial completion date and move date had been revised to October 3, 2012.

LWC advised Maxwell Construction was the low bidder for the Courthouse renovation and was their recommendation.  Commissioner Busching moved to accept the bid from Maxwell Construction with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

Dennis Dunlap-Employee Handbook Review

Mr. Dunlap continued the review of the County Employee Handbook.  Numerous questions were discussed and options considered.  Mr. Dunlap will provide a final revision for the commissioners’ approval.  Once approval is received he will meet with department heads, elected officials, and managers to thoroughly review the handbook and explain each section.

Auditor Wagner provided the commissioners and Attorney Ertel with the air quality report on the Courthouse.  It was taken under advisement for study. 

He also provided notice from SIEOC that Ms. Letha Wilson retired from their Board and they requested the commissioners appoint Ms. Connie DeBurger to fill her position.  Commissioner Stutler moved to approve the request with a second from Commissioner Busching.  The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Busching moved to approve the August 20, 2012 minutes as written with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

The commissioners signed payroll sheets, claim vouchers, claims being paid from the commissioner’s budget, and the minutes of the August 20, 2012 meeting.

Being no further business at this time, Commissioner Busching moved to adjourn with a second from Commissioner Stutler.   The motion passed unanimously.


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