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2011 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7:00am at the Highway Garage and at 8:00am in the Commissioner's meeting room located in the Annex Building

Monday, January 10

Monday, July 11

Monday, January 24 Monday, July 25
Monday, February 7 Monday, August 8
Friday, February 18 Monday, August 22
Monday, March 7 Friday, September 2
Monday, March 21 Monday, September 19
Monday, April 4 Monday, October 3
Monday, April  18 Monday, October 17
Monday, May 2 Monday, October 31
Monday, May 16 Monday, November 14
Friday, May 27 Monday, November 28
Monday, June 13 Monday, December 12
Monday, June 27 Thursday, December 22



Minutes prepared by Bill Wagner, Ripley County Auditor

Commissioners meeting opened promptly at 7:00AM on Monday, April 4, 2011 at the Ripley County Highway Department, Osgood, Indiana.

Commissioners Robert Reiners, Mark Busching, and Gary Stutler were in attendance for the meeting.

Auditor Wagner was also present for the meeting at the Ripley County Highway Garage.

Salt bids through the State were discussed as well as getting other bids as well.  Once the salt building is complete the county should be able to store enough to supply them for a year.  Mr. Owen Heaton, Highway Superintendent, is to check with other suppliers on pricing.

The salt building was discussed and bids for materials were opened.  New Marion Sales was under $10,000.00 and Halcomb’s was over $11,000.00.  The building total with concrete should be under $25,000.00.

The need for a State permit was discussed and decided if one was needed someone should hand carry it to the State for approval to reduce the wait time.

The soil compaction for the area of the house demolition was discussed and Holman Excavating provided a revised quote of $6362.50 to include the compaction.

Mr. Warren Bruns-Parks Dept.- advised they would hold off until fall to do the actual grading of the track area to eliminate the mess during the activities during the summer.  This was based on the recommendation of the engineers to put in the lines and grade later.

Foreman Steve Schonegg advised that Mr. Ron Gunter was having some health problems and would be off work for some tests, etc.

With nothing further to discuss Commissioner Busching moved to recess to the Annex Building.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed.

Commissioner Busching made the motion to reconvene while Commissioner Stutler seconded, motion passed.  The meeting was reconvened at 8:25 am (due to the length of the highway garage meeting) at the Ripley County Annex building in Versailles, Indiana and opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Commissioners Reiners, Busching, and Stutler were present as well as Auditor Wagner and County Attorney Ertel.

Maintenance:  Mr. Johnnie Lohrum (8:30:00 )

Mr. Lohrum questioned if he was to mow around the flags on the annex property or move them.  He was advised to leave them.

The truck box bed for storage was discussed and he was instructed to strap it down for safety. 

He advised the clock work was being done and suggested an inspection contract to make sure it doesn’t get into the same shape in the future.  Also he would be using probation community service people to help paint the courthouse bathroom.

Technology:  Ms Kelly Vollet (8:45:03)

Ms. Vollet advised the commissioners that the current internet service was extremely slow and came through the Health Department and the State.  She had obtained a quote from Comcast for $1320.00 per year to supply high speed internet service to the County.

Commissioner Busching moved to obtain the service from Comcast now.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Area Planning: Mr. Tad Brinson

The commissioners requested Mr. Brinson and Mr. Jeffries appear to discuss some complaints they had received. (Mr. Brinson was on vacation)  The commissioners requested the requirements the inspectors give the contractors be put in writing so there are no misunderstandings and others would be able to know if a specific inspector was not available. 

The amount of time people wait for inspection was discussed and the commissioners were advised that generally the inspection is done within 24 hours after the request is phoned in.

9:04:35—County Attorney Ertel discussed the CCI contract and advised he had received no response from the letter he had sent them dated 3-24-2011.  He provided a copy of the letter he had sent them to the commissioners.

Ms. Mary Farone-Road Closure (9:10:57)

Ms. Farone informed the commissioners of property she owned in New Marion and requested a roadway shown on the plat be closed.  It was determined after discussion that the commissioners could not close a road that was not developed and in the county road inventory.  She was informed she would have to appear before the zoning and possibly have the plat changed.   She thanked the commissioners and stated she would probably leave it as it was.

Mr. Timothy Molinari-Milan 54 Museum Letter of Support

Mr. Molinari presented the commissioners with a letter and requested their signatures so he could use the letter in fund raising and grant applications for the Milan 54 Museum. 

After discussion Commissioner Busching moved to sign the letter with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Londa Summer—Jail work release

Ms. Summer did not appear again-the commissioners advised Auditor Wagner to not allow her to be put on the agenda again.

9:56:30---The revised demolition contract was discussed.  Commissioner Busching moved to rescind the original bid from Holman Excavating and to accept the revised bid to include the compaction of the fill.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the bid for $6362.50 was passed unanimously.

LWC:  Mr. Gary Turner

Mr. Turner also brought Mr. Ed Soots and Mr. Kevin McCurdy for the presentation.  They presented schematic A.4.1 and an alternative A.4.2 if the budget did not allow for the cost estimate of A.4.1.  The two alternatives were discussed and weighed.  It was determined the A.4.1 would be used with the layout for the Health Department from A.4.2 and attic layout from A.4.2 which would bring the total square footage to approximately 39170.  Also the elevation 1 was the desired look of the building.

This should complete the schematic part of the program and LWC will meet with the Building Committee for final recommendations.

CCI-Mr. Joe Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman provided the commissioners with estimated finished prices of $6,529,339.oo for schematic A.4.1 without any changes to the A.4.2 without changes of $6,033,222.00.  With the changes to A.4.1 the finished cost would be somewhere in between these figures.

They and LWC will be meeting with the Town of Versailles on 4-14-2011 to discuss closing the alley and the storm drain situation.  They will also be requesting a height variance from the county zoning board.\at the 4-26-2011 meeting. 

Mr. Hoffman was asked about the contract revisions and he stated he would discuss it at the 4-18-2011 commissioner’s meeting.

Humana-Ms. Sarah Pennington

Ms. Pennington brought the renewal proposal for the 2011-2012 policy period and advised the increase was for 5.5%.  She presented the monthly breakdown of claims and monthly premium breakdown.  She was questioned about a different dental plan as there was dissatisfaction with the current plan.  She stated she would obtain different quotes. 

The commissioners took the information under advisement.

Auditor Wagner requested additional quotes for the HAS option and a dental claim was discussed.

Clerk:  Ms. Mary Ann McCoy(11:38:15)

Ms. McCoy presented the commissioners the legal notice for the primary election for the Town of Versailles for their signature.  Commissioner Busching moved to accept and sign the notice with a second from Commissioner Stutler.  The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Busching moved to accept the minutes of the March 21, 2011 meeting with a second from Commissioner Stutler. The motion passed unanimously.

The lease agreement between the Ripley County Food Pantry and Ripley County was presented.  Commissioner Stutler moved to sign the agreement with a second from Commissioner Busching.  The motion passed unanimously.

County Attorney Ertel presented the revised ordinance for veteran’s burial and marker placement.  Commissioner Busching moved to pass the ordinance with a limit of $250.00 for the burial and $100.00 for the marker placement.  Commissioner Stutler seconded and the Ordinance 2011-4 was signed.

The commissioners signed payroll sheets, claim vouchers, claims being paid from the commissioners’ budget, & minutes of the last meeting.

With no further business to come before the commissioners a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Stutler and seconded by Commissioner Busching.  The motion passed unanimously.


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