Construction of the new Ripley County Annex began July 2011 with the demolition of the house and garage located behind the current annex.

Picture taken early 1980s.

The garage and house you see being torn down in the pictures below is located at the top of this picture.








Groundbreaking Ceremony August 22, 2011


Construction Begins

This is how it looks on September 1


September 9 First footer poured


October 7

October 24                                      October 25

                October 30                                      November 3


November 15                         November 15


                 December 29                                                     January 23  


February 7                                             February 24 South Side


March 13East and North Side


West and South Side


April 24 East and North Side


May 29 Windows                              June 12 Started Roof


June 20 Inside

December 2005

July 11 Preparing to level the old Surveyor office and a residence

You can see the new annex to the left behind these buildings

July 23 Trees removed

July 26 Demolition of Surveyor office and residence


August 7

Health Department Entrance and Sidewalk on North Side

August 14

August 7 New Flooring Upstairs and  Bathroom Tile


August 7 Storage Room                         August 20 Public Records Library


August 20 Break Room


September 7 Doors Installed                       Entry Way Floor Medallion


Railing and Steps                                       Health Department Entrance


Some Carpet Installed                               Health Department Bathroom


IT Server Room                                 October 5 Wallpaper and Doors

October 5 Area Planning


November 2 Health Dept. Lobby                      Commissioners Room

Upstairs Break Room                                                  Main Entrance


Technology Office                                              Extra Conference Room


Pouring concrete in front April 22, 2013

Memorial set May 2013                                   Sidewalks and curbs


June 4, 2013

June 27, 2013

May 2014


Please look at the Before and After to view individual offices.

September 22 Digging out an old septic

September 30 Poured first wall

October 26

November 9

December 7

January 23


March 29  Brick East Side

North Side


May 11 North Side


June 21South Side


July 24

August 7 Inside Second Floor

August 7 Commissioners Meeting Room


August 20 Commisioners Meeting Room

August 7 Commissioners Kitchen

August 20 In Commissioners Conference Room

August 7 First Floor Transaction Areas

August 20 First Floor Transaction Areas

August 7 Health Department Reception Area

August 20 Health Department Reception Area

September 17

October 9 Furniture Delivery

December Commissioners Meeting Room


Demolishing the Old Annex December, 2012

June 24, Flag Dedication




Ripley County